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Our Mission

By consulting with and choosing us at ChemCon you can be assured of quality and professional service. Our team has been in the industry for many years and have issued numerous Medical fitness certificates and have built great relationships with many respectable clients and we aspire for you to join the list of satisfied customers.

We can do your medical examinations on-site, in the convenience of your offices or at our facility. We issue your employee medical fitness certificate as quickly and efficiently as possible, 24hrs turnaround time.


We provide the following medical examination services;

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To establish a baseline for the persons being employed and to determine if they have any underlining health conditions that might lead to complications further down the line of employment.

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Basic health care and check up with counselling and recommendations should anything be identified.

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To determine the medical condition of a person exiting the workplace, comparing it to the base line created when entering the workplace, to better the working conditions of your employees as per the OHS Act.

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To determine if the employee is fit to conduct the specific requirements as per his/her job specifications.

  • Base Line Medical (No Hearing or Lung Function)
  • Full Medical (Dust, Noise and Heat, also including height’s questionnaire, with Hearing and Lung Function)