About Us

Hair, fashion and people is where our passion descends from. Since inception of Foil, we cultivated a culture of care and a professional hair service towards clients and our team at the salon. We love it to make people feel great about their hair and look the part. Foil offers a boutique style service, giving clients an exquisite experience when getting their hair done. The salon was established 10 years ago and is situated at the Grayston Shopping Centre, Sandton.  As a former fashion designer and now hairstylist for 20 years, owner Stoffel and his wife Antoinette has a passion for design & beauty, and for them, beautiful hair is an essential non-negotiable.

The hair and beauty industry is sometimes perceived as very harsh and it was and is our wish to create a safe platform for the team that works with us to be nurtured, developed and appreciated. Our team members are developing their own brand within the Foil brand which hugely contributes to our success, so we believe in acknowledging and promoting their work on a public platform.



The meaning of Foil is derived from the word “foiling” which is the process of gold leafing or adding value. We would like to invite you to our salon to come and get some gold leafing done on your beautiful mane. Our aim is to add value to your life and lifestyle. At Foil we invent, we create and we design.



When we opened our salon, we experienced a lack with hairstylists’ spending time with clients’ one-on-one and understanding their hair and beauty needs. With the business model we developed, we believe that with proper consultation and gaining insight into your lifestyle, we are able to serve and fulfil your need when visiting us.



  • To be know internationally and locally as a boutique hair salon of excellence
  • That is set apart at every level
  • In the service to our clients and staff



  • We passionately strive at all times to render a professional service in the hair industry in a nurturing, peaceful and safe environment
  • We are committed to develop and empower a team of highly committed motivated staff members to express their gifts and excel in their service to our clients and to one another
  • To be passionate about the people who we serve and the people we work with



  • We strive for excellence in our efforts to provide a top quality service to all our clients; and are accountable and committed to meet deadlines
  • We regards integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and a high standard of ethics as intrinsic to our success
  • We value trust, mutual respect and confidentiality in all our relationships
  • We recognise and appreciate diversity and do not discriminate on any ground, as stipulated in our constitution
  • We value discipline, hard work, dedication and achievement, and work together as a team to support each other
  • We share knowledge; are committed to empower people, encourage initiative and make room for advancement
  • We value and endeavour to meet the expectations of our staff