diversity is one of my trademarks. for that reason, i boast a huge variety of different experiences i can introduce you to and indulge you in.

classic and off the beat cutting and colouring to name but a few.


some of the new colour trends i am following and i am continually reinventing include:

  • ombre
    hair colour is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends
  • balayage
    this technique can offer a more natural look to highlighting hair by doing away with the more uniform foiling process
  • baby lights
    similar to the balayage, just a lot finer and not as prominent
    (the above mentioned three techniques have been a major hit with my clients, but is definitely not the only thing i enjoy doing!)there are numerous other colour techniques in my repertoire that can be tailor-made to your specific needsa variety of foil techniques
  • flashes
    creative and maintenance colour techniques (including grey coverage and fashion colours)permanent and semi-permanent colour treatments

my specialist knowledge in cutting includes anyone’s hair that is growing!

a huge variety of treatments are too valuable for your mane’s brilliance not to mention. that can be prescribed in consultation

special event styling, wedding avant-garde, up styling, curls, waves, buns and so much more
i do all event styling at your preferred venue or in the salon with prearranged agreements and appointments
styling is not just for the ladies, my male clients are welcome to come and enjoy an amazing shampoo, massage and style without having a haircut

i have a variety of top quality extensions that include
clip in
weftsand then some….

Styling workshops
i would love to show you the easiest way to do your own hair in the odd case of emergency. just book your styling workshop, bring your own tools and styling products and have a hands on training session that can cover one of the following topics:

  • blow drying
  • thermal iron styling
  • up styling and braiding

cutting and styling of human hair wigs
keratin smoothing systems (formerly called brazilians)
permanent and semi-permanent colour treatments
semi-permanent up styles