For healthy, glowing hair. Always.

The Aura Botanica range offers truly effective care to enhance natural, lightly devitalised hair to leave it with a healthy glow. Elevating the sensorial, it introduces the sublime sensation of “nude” hair, uncoated and free of residues. Resplendent, glowing hair, reawakened to its natural beauty.

For beautifully strong hair, despite the winds.

L’Oréal Advanced Research has shown the fundamental role played by the KAPs (Keratin Associated Proteins), major partners in ensuring the structure of hair. These tiny proteins link keratins to each other and attach them together. The Resistance range rebuilds the internal substance of hair weakened by chemical or mechanical aggressions to restore its strength and solidity.

For frizz-free disciplined hair, despite the humidity.

Kérastase creates the 1st smooth-in-motion care to perfectly discipline without rigidity. Its unique properties perfectly tame the hair surface while providing an extreme fibre elasticity. Whether you want bouncy, sensual, voluptuous or relaxed curls, find the expert solution perfectly suited to your curly hair with the Discipline range.

For luxuriously sublime hair, despite the sun.

The must-have range to beautify hair, putting the power of precious oils at the heart of its formula. Kérastase created a customized 3-step beauty routine: cleanse, treat and texturise with carefully-conceived methods for shiny and extremely radiant hair. Oléo-Complexe, a miracle of technology infused with four legendary oils, is at the heart of Elixir Ultime.

Experience a masterpiece of formulation for total hair and scalp renewal with our most luxurious hair care collection, featuring the highest concentration of the unique and exceptionally rare abyssine for unrivaled scalp regeneration. This regimen is perfect for all hair types who want their hair feeling nourished, regenerated and light with a soft, velvety touch.

For vibrant coloured hair, despite the sun.

Light-reflecting haircare products for coloured hair. The Reflection range helps to protect the colour in colour-treated hair and provides long-lasting radiance and intense, mirror-like shine! Designed to maintain and preserve colour intensity of coloured hair, capture colour perfection with its patented technology that nourishes and gives extra protection to hair colour from oxidative stress linked to UV rays.

For thicker looking hair, despite the stress

Replenish and revive thinning hair lacking density to enhance thickness and replenish strands. Densifying technologies including Hyaluronic Acid and Intra-Cyclane® create plump, hydrated locks that strengthen the hair and protect against further stress. This regimen is perfect for anyone who wants texturised hair for fuller, thicker hair with more body.

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An invigorating range of hair care products for every man. Redken for Men boosts hair density, quenches dryness and invigorates your senses. Redken for Men provides high-performance grooming solutions with protein and carbohydrates for strength and energy.

Look after your hair with Anodized Plates with Mineral Ore, designed for added shine without the damage. 11 precise heat settings and tilt and cushioned plates offer you personalised, versatile styling.

Anodized Plates with Mineral Ore care for your hair while adding shine. An easy to grip design with sweat absorbing Dupont resin casing plus a 360 degree swivel and pivot cord for easy of use.

Mineral Ore infused barrel for consistent heat with no damage to hair. Consistent barrel size for better styling and 3 heat settings with an LED display come together with a swivel cord for easy styling.


HEALING COLOR® is the only haircolor that heals, seals and protects, using L’ANZA’s exclusive Flower Shield Complex® and Keratin Healing System for richer, longer-lasting color.

Supported by 5 dedicated Developers, Translucent Color Catalyst, Powder & Cream Decolorizers, complete accessories and extensive educational support.

You must immediately follow with Healing Pure Replenishing Conditioner, followed by Healing Pure Keratin Infusion.

Keratin Cactus Complex

Wildcrafted Botanicals

Cactus Flower • Lavender • Hawthorn Fruit Extract • Meadowfoam Flower

Create versatile looks while maintaining healthy, manageable hair. All products provide thermal protection and prevent hair colour from fading. Advanced technology provides long-lasting hold without cracking, flaking, or sticky residue. Cactus Extracts provide an extra measure of thermal protection, preventing damage from blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.

Flower Shield Complex

Wildcrafted Botanicals

Calendula Flower • Blue Cornflower • Red Hibiscus Flower • Green Orchid Flower • White Gardenia Flower • Yellow Rose Flower • Echinacea Flower

As in Healing ColorCare, the Flower Shield Complex delivers full-spectrum colour protection with anti-fade compounds for lasting vibrancy and fade protection. The result: Hair colour that stays true-to-tone and radiant longer – even the brightest reds!

Phyto IV Complex

Wildcrafted Botanicals

Abyssinian Seed Oil • Babassu Kernel Oil • Açaí Fruit Oil • Coffee Seed Oil

A restorative blend of four botanical oils moisturises and nourishes dry, stressed hair. This unique blend provides lightweight moisture and protection – they won’t build up on the hair or leave hair greasy or limp. The ideal balance of Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) to maintain proper moisture levels.

Moisture Retain Complex

Wildcrafted Botanicals / Ingredients

Macadamia Nut Oil • Tahitian Tamanu Nut • Polynesian Gugo • Hawaiian Kukui Nut • Hawaiian Noni Fruit • South Pacific Sea Kelp

Adds optimal provides lightweight moisture. Nano Science 10² delivers these hydrators deep into the hair, while healing seals in moisture for lasting softness and shine.

Anagen 7 Complex

Wildcrafted Botanicals

Loquat Leaf Extract • Fo-Ti Root Extract • Licorice Root Extract • Eucalyptus Oil • Yarrow Extract • Horse Chestnut Seed Extract • Peppermint Leaf Extract • Hawthorn Fruit Extract • Rice • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

Irritation and inflammation prevent healthy scalp. Bacteria and other microorganisms can be one of the forgotten contributors to hair loss.  By controlling sebum production and boosting circulation, we can avoid creating an environment where microorganisms can thrive.  Achieve fuller-looking hair with the Anagen 7 System.

Nutri Soothe Complex

Wildcrafted Botanicals

Coconut Water • Shiso Mint Leaf Extract • Papaya Fruit Extract • Lavender Oil

Refreshes skin’s epidermal layer, leaving the scalp in a perfect state of balance while providing an abundance of nutrients. Being rich in phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium and electrolytes. This complex has been known to help oxygenate and regenerate skin skills to promote a healthier scalp.


Wildcrafted Botanicals

White Tea • Manuka Honey • Neem Plant • Cysteine • Hyaluronic Acid • Ceramide

Containing the CP Anti-Aging Complex with potent antioxidants to reverse the signs of aging, restoring strength and a youthful appearance to hair.

Coix Sleek Complex

Wildcrafted Botanicals

Coix Seed • Mangosteen Fruit • Shea (Nut) Butter

Organic Coix Seed Extract calms curls and frizz, while Organic Mangosteen Fruit Extract provides a glossy sheen. The Keratin Healing System blocks out humidity that causes frizz. Together, these ingredients calm curls and frizz, leaving hair soft and smooth with 31% more shine!

Bamboo Bodifying Complex

Wildcrafted Botanicals

Bamboo Extract • Cactus Flower • Meadowfom Flower • Aloe Vera

Organic Bamboo is the world’s richest resource of natural silica – a lightweight mineral vital to creating volume in hair. This lightweight silica works from inside the hair fibre and bonds to the hair’s cortical wall, boosting rigidity and volume. The result is noticeably thicker, fuller hair.

We understand that tape in hair extensions should be comfortable, undetectable, and natural. Made with 100% Cuticle Intact Remy Human Hair, easihair pro tape in extensions are suitable for women with thin to medium texture/density. easihair pro tape in extensions can add length, volume and chemical-free colour without any damage to your natural hair and can be applied in 60 minutes or less. They are easy to apply and you will be able to maintain and style them as you would your own hair.

We offer a variety of colours ranging from silky, light blond to deep, rich black and all of the reds and browns in between. Since we have such a wide range, you should be able to find the right colour to blend with your hair. Since our extensions are made from 100% human hair, you can colour them just as you would colour your own hair.

When you want a burst of colour in your hair, you can make it possible with our tape in extensions. Hair dye can often damage your hair, with our extensions, you can get the bright, cool colours that you want without damaging your hair. You will love the effect that our extensions have in your hair.

Give yourself a little bit of a wilder look with our bright coloured tape in hair extensions. These are a semi-permanent option to give your hair a colourful look without damaging your hair with hair colour. Whether you want our Blueberry, Red Hot, or Grape Jelly, we have the colours to create an edgy or brilliant look that you will love. Take a look at all the bright funky colours that we offer.


We offer all the products you need for application, removal, and reapplication of our hair extensions. We also offer all the hair products you need to properly maintain your extensions in between appointments. Our maintenance products are salon quality and can be used to care for your natural hair as well as your extensions. You will love how your hair and extensions look and feel after using our products. Take a look at all of the hair products we have available.

For intense vibrant, silky, soft, healthy looking hair use Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. It is enriched with herbal extracts and natural ingredients. The Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner contain some of the smoothing ingredients included in the Mycro Keratin Treatment. Mycro Keratin technology assists in the full repair and transformation of your hair after any chemical process, sustaining the keratin levels in your hair. Use the Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner after the Mycro Keratin Treatment to prolong the lifetime of the Mycro Keratin in the hair for up to twice as long compared to any other shampoo tested.

Mycro Keratin Silver products effectively remove the yellow and orange pigment from the hair and the strong toning formula neutralizes orange tones with violet micro-pigments. The Silver shampoo is also infused with natural herbal extracts to give you shiny, vibrant & healthy blonde hair.

Eliminates yellow and orange tones and prevents discolouration.  Natural herbal extracts protect from drying, damage & colour depleting effects.  Adds vibrancy and shine.  Sodium chloride free.

Tone & Treat Silver repair masque is the perfect solution for dry, brittle blonde/grey hair, intensively repairing your hair eliminating dullness and yellow tones while restoring youthfulness, elasticity and shine.

Toppik gives the instant appearance of a thick, full head of hair. Toppik Hair Building fibre’s are made from natural Keratin of the highest grade, the same type of protein found in real hair. The fibre’s have a strong natural static charge that creates a magnetic effect, tightly binding Toppik Hair Building Fibers to even the finest strands of human hair. The results have changed the lives of millions of women and men from those struggling with fine or thinning hair to those with Alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy.

Established in 2008, Hairbond has fast become a global phenomenon in men’s haircare. Designed and manufactured in the UK, it proudly uses the finest ingredients to produce a great range of mens hair styling products.

Hairbond is an authentic British hair brand that produces men’s hair products. The brand products are all as a result of progression, innovation, and expression. What Hairbond offers, no other hair brand can claim. It uses the best ingredients to formulate professional products that achieve creativity and style. Hairbond has won many awards across the globe, and rightfully so.

The hairbond brand is distinctive and luxurious, trading all over the world as the number one men’s hair product. Hairbond’s mission is to bring together different world fashion into one world stage. Therefore, to get the right hair products to achieve your best results, buy Hairbond products.

Strands of Love hair extensions is dyed via a cold dye process, as opposed to being boiled to cut the dying process shorter. With the cold dye process, the cuticle stays intact without breaking or losing its nutrients.

Due to the cold dye process, the hair remains in its pure Remy form. Remy refers to the hair cuticle layer being intact and aligned, thus the cuticles are not damaged and run in the same direction as natural hair. Remy hair does not tangle the way human non-Remy and fibre / synthetic hair does.
Strands of Love hair extension strands can easily be curled with styling tools,  effortlessly straightened and coloured.  A multi-faced tinting system is used that makes the colour of the hair more natural it reflects different hues of the colour

Strands of Love pride ourselves that we have more than 40 colours to choose from. These include piano highlights and ombre hair colours, to give you that natural look that blends in with the colours of your own natural hair colour
We stock all the popular bonding techniques, namely seamless tape extensions, keratin bonded hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions, clip-ins and weaves / wefts

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